closing down this blog

alrighttt soo a couple of months ago i made this blog to see how i would handle being a muse blog anddd at first it was all good but then i started to get lazy and really im just realizing that i dont need a muse blog

i do basically all my muse stuff on facebook pages and well.. my other blog:p

so im deciding to close this blog down haha. it hasn’t been very active lately at all so yes. or i won’t delete this blog but i will just leave it here and not post anything.

but ill always have my other blog open and i will be posting muse stuff there too so

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Which Bands Are Ruined By Their Frontmen?





“The same, too, goes for Muse: they’re so bombastic, so overblown, that I often think they’d be quite fun if they were fronted by a more flamboyant figure. But Matt Bellamy’s po-faced mewing renders them completely dull to these ears: music that’s undoubtedly grandly assembled, but lacking in anything remotely human.”

Excuse me? Are we talking about the same band? Has this person never heard Muse?

I know everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but anyone who knows Muse knows that just isn’t true.

You’re calling a bloke who wore a tesco bag on his head, who wears sparkly silver suits and flashing blue glasses to gigs, boring? Right.

If this isn’t being flamboyant, what the fuck is?

Completely agree with sophies-starlight.

the fuck

yeah, nothing about that Matthew Bellamy is overblown or exciting in any sense, at all

I mean

I mean he’s not even flamboyant what is Muse thinking?

like, c’mon


he is so normal and boring that it hurts



please can you just stop Matthew, we’ve had enough or your normalcy

it’s really just sad at this point, how much you are just like anybody else

I mean you aren’t even attractive, just look at you



you’re not cute stop trying so hard

i mean is he even human does he even feel anything when he plays music?


no way

he is an unfeeling robot and i am scared of him

anyways, you’re a bad frontman, sorry ‘bout it

I beg your pardon? ben hewitt.

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Hey there Musers. :) I’ve been making t-shirts for the past few weeks and printed an extra. So i’ve decided to do my first give-away. 


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The giveaway ends on July 9th, 2012. (haha yes, on Bingham’s Birthday) Keep your ask boxes open! 

yes indeed this is lovely

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“Eternally Missed” by Muse

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Muse videos as posters: Showbiz era

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